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Interior fit-out service

Interior Fit-Out Services In Riyadh

Moving into your new house can be a feeling that drives you crazy like hell. And why it shouldn’t be. After all, the long-awaited time has come when you will finally be moving into your new house. Be it a house, apartment, flat, or any other living space, it needs to be ready when you decide to step in and begin your new living life there.

However, when we say it needs to be ready, we mean it is made ready by you or any service provider you hired for the exact purpose. The service for such interior work is known as an interior fit our service and service providers are professionals with hands-on experience. Interior fit-out services happen to be a great asset, especially in the present times when there are sky-rocketing prices in the construction, interior, decoration, and MEP sectors. Hence, people tend to look out for options where everything is available under one roof.

A good interior fit-out service includes all the great possibilities that you can think of. For example, the basic service begins with furniture, fixtures, and equipment and finishes with joinery or millwork. And everything in between is covered in the entire package. What an interior fit service aims, services that come along, and what best option you can have while in Riyadh are all that we will cover.

Types of Interior Fit-Outs

Interior fit-out services are great and will offer a great sense of relief for you. However, not every time will you need the services of an entire interior fit-out team and for all services in a single go. Rather the service you will need depends on the phase your building is currently in. In general, there are categories of interior fit-outs.

Shell and Core

A shell and core fit-out is the basic type of fit-out. This type of fit-out can be explained as something to give someone a reason to move into a building to start living. Shell and core means that the current state of your building is like a shell and you have to convert it into a core to allow people to move in. This also includes and means to work in a way as to only make the inside of a building livable. In addition, developers use this type of fit-out to get their buildings ready to sell.


Cat-A often known as Category A fit-out is a fit-out service one step ahead of the shell and core fit-out. This can be understood easily. Consider you have got your building constructed and worked with a contractor to get the shell and core fit-out done. However, now the landlord needs to hand over the building or space to a tenant that needs necessities such as lights, plumbing, etc. Here, you will need Cat-A fit-out services to provide your tenant with the necessities alongside a good structure.


Cat-B or Category B is all about designing your space your way. In such a service, the tenant needs the customer to have utmost satisfaction however they like. And this can only be done through good fit-out services. The Cat-B fit-out service is devised to offer you complete control of defining the entire inside of a building as per your liking.

Interior Fit-Out & FFE

The first service involved in the discussion is the interior fit-out and FFE service. This is the basic service offered in this package. In summary, this is the service that offers the right base for your building. From working on the roofs and floors to bringing in the furniture, this service provides a doorway to enter into your space if you want to once this service is finished. Interior fit-out service involves settling your roof ceilings, floors, partitions, etc. to ensure your space is perfectly set up to bring in living products. All in all, interior fit-out work involves providing you with something to walk on and something to look upon inside your space.

But not every service is as simple as that. The FFE or Fixture, Furniture, and Equipment is another top-notch service in this category offering necessities in a household. Beginning with fixtures, this involves bringing in and placing fixtures at the appropriate locations, also bringing furniture items such as tables, chairs, sofas, and other wooden equipment, and finally setting decoration items at the appropriate places while lighting is installed to give the living place an overall look of magnificence.

IMEP Design & Build

Moving forward, your building needs some good work to stand upon, sustain, and maintain a good balance in all departments especially such as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing or MEP. There are two basic and simple choices in front of you. Either opt for professional contractors and assign them roles or get a single contractor that has expertise in all such areas of MEP. For almost all, the latter is the best, feasible, and sensible option. MEP contractors have ample experience and professionalism in their field. When it comes to mechanical work, this involves designing the heating, cooling, and ventilation system of the building. And simple designing is not enough, rather such contractors devise and test systems to ensure the right balance is met.

Electrical members in MEP help to ensure all electrical wiring systems are safely installed and offer safety in return to the people who intend to live within the house. In essence, electrical systems have to be installed at appropriate places for which everything must be done by professionals. Finally comes the plumbing where the entire work is to be done ensuring water supply is reaching everywhere and there is no leakage of any sort. When you combine their work, this forms an MEP system. If you neglect it and look for individual professionals, the entire work will become hectic, tiring, and costly.

Joinery and Millwork

Finally comes the service that will provide you with aesthetics. When it comes to the interior decoration of a house, not everything is about furniture placement, roofs, ceilings, and MEP work. In contrast, there are many other things involved such as providing the best additives to gain more compliments.

One such way is to combine perfectly crafted pieces of wood to create cabinets, doors, and windows. If you look at the outcomes or final prospects, the entire concept is great. Not everything is a single piece of work but joinery is to be performed for extra options. Once everything is done and joined giving a great outcome, next comes millwork. Millwork is like custom artwork such as panelling to provide a further vibrant look to your building from the inside.


When it comes to interior fit-out services, everything has to be covered from ceilings to doors and cabinets. However, doing everything the right way requires ample effort to get everything done as per the customer’s requirement. To meet requirements, often tiring in many ways, and to get them all fully running, you need the services of a good interior fit-out service provider. If you happen to live in Riyadh, never look beyond Wafaiyah.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three basic interior fit-out services?

The three basic interior fit-out services include:

  • Interior Fit-Out and FFE
  • MEP Design and Build
  • Joinery and Millwork

How many types are there of an interior-fit service?

There are three types of interior-fit services. They are:

  • Shell and Core
  • Cat-A
  • Cat-B

Is the shell and Core interior-fit service feasible?

The shell and core service may not be feasible for many tenants and customers since the developer is more focused on just converting their structure into a livable space through this fit-out service.

What type of fit-out service will you need to design your space your way?

To design your space your way, you will need the Cat-B fit-out service.

Who is an MEP contractor?

An MEP contractor is a single contractor offering the services of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing work.

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