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Are you searching for the best renovation and maintenance services? Do you require renovation services for your luxury hotel or residential property? Wafaiyah is the leading contracting company in Saudi Arabia,


Wafaiyah is dedicated to maintaining the value of your property. We offer comprehensive property maintenance and remodeling services, performed by our team of highly experienced and trusted subcontractors. We provide a variety of interior and exterior maintenance services for commercial and residential buildings. We strive to sustain your investments by delivering broad, on-time, and competitively charged repair solutions. Our expert technicians and competent engineers offer customized approaches for the best commercial project modifications and remodeling. We use innovative technologies and affordable strategies to achieve the best outcomes. We redefine your spaces using repair and maintenance services.

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    Why Choose Wafaiyah ?

    We provide modern appearances with creative layouts that include every detail from the fittings to the external elevations. We meet your requirements by offering repair and upkeep services for flats, housing complexes, residences, dining establishments, and commercial skyscrapers. We also provide plumbing, electrical, and HVAC maintenance services. Our services comprise decorating, flooring layout, lavatory remodeling, modifications, and transformations using the best fit-out solutions. Hire Wafaiyah for reliable renovation and maintenance services in Saudi Arabia for all your commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Contact us if you need renovation and maintenance services in Saudi Arabia. 


    Remodeling and Maintenance

    If you want to make your residence more appealing, call us today and take advantage of our excellent home renovation services. Wafaiyah is a general contractor that provides all kinds of maintenance and renovation services for residential complexes, commercial buildings, AC maintenance, HVAC systems, and MEP systems. Our handymen are completely trained in renovations. We specialize in renovating old buildings and offices to modernize them, property remodeling, and the maintenance and repair of apartments and villas. We are the top contractor to manage your entire property remodeling service.


    We offer a variety of renovation project offerings, such as remodeling, installation, interior and maintenance work, and more. Our office renovation services include flooring and tile installation, painting, electrical work, and much more to enhance the appearance and functionality of your commercial space. Our designers for interiors can assist you in creating a perfect appearance, from deciding on material, decor, and theme selection to developing a layout that works for you. We provide project management services to ensure that the renovation goes successfully while staying under budget.

    Maintenance Contracting

    We offer all kinds of maintenance work on a contract basis. It includes commercial and residential building maintenance work and renovation work in offices. We provide professional MEP and HVAC system inspection and maintenance work for better performance and standards. It includes the installation process and repair services. House repairs and building repairs are part of our maintenance work. You can totally rely on us for renovation and maintenance work support for all kinds of buildings.

    General Contracting Services

    We are a leading contracting company in Saudi Arabia. We offer general contracting services that include all related work in the construction field. We deal with various renovation and maintenance work in commercial and residential buildings. Our wide network is connected with the best subcontractors to manage a project with the best expertise. We have professional engineers, technicians, and architects to plan and design the whole building construction work. We are masters at handling various tasks in building infrastructure and its development.

    Upgrades and Modernization

    If you need to upgrade an existing property with repairs and modeling, then we are the best option to choose. We perform exemplary construction services to upgrade the layout and elevations of your properties. It includes building upgrade work and office building upgrade work with excellent architectural development and design to modernize the spaces. We manage all fixtures, renovations, and the installation of advanced features to modernize the existing spaces. We use innovative solutions and technologies to achieve our milestones within timelines. We also offer all kinds of facility maintenance and repair services.

    Maintenance & Repair Services

    We have highly professional technicians who perform MEP and HVAC system maintenance work. They provide innovative ideas and techniques to optimize functionality and performance. Our maintenance and repair services include a complete inspection and checking of equipment installations and their specifications, fixings, and replacement parts and solutions to handle sudden breakdowns or failures. We implement energy-efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption. We also offer annual and periodic maintenance services on a contract basis in Saudi Arabia.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Who provides reliable maintenance services in Riyadh?

    Wafaiyah is the best contracting company in Riyadh. It provides reliable maintenance and refurbishment services at the best rates.

    What is included in office maintenance services?

    We offer a complete solution for MEP system maintenance, HVAC system maintenance, interior design services, and remodeling for office buildings. We turn the commercial spaces into modern workstations.

    What kind of renovation and maintenance work do we handle?

    We do commercial buildings, residential complexes, industrial buildings, and office building renovation and maintenance work.

    Which skilled workers does Wafaiyah have in its team to perform maintenance and renovation work?

    Wafaiyah has professional architects, engineers, and interior designers for the best execution of renovation work. Trained plumbers, electricians, and technicians work as skilled workers at the site for the best results.

    What are the sustainability trends in renovation and maintenance work?

    Sustainability is one of the latest trends in the construction industry. You can save money on your office remodel by making green efforts. We use sustainable practices in all our working phases to accomplish our tasks.

    Smart building sensors

    • Energy-efficient lighting
    • Eco-friendly building materials
    • Natural ventilation
    • Solar panels
    • A green-top roof
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