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Looking for a competent interior fit-out contractor in Saudi Arabia? As a top interior fit-out contractor in Saudi Arabia, we provide high-quality, long-lasting outcomes. Wafaiyah Contracting delivers the best interior fitout services in Saudi Arabia.


We have the potential to succeed in interior design and advanced fit-out solutions. At our modern facilities, our talented architects, 3D visualizers, experienced carpenters, and skilled workers are ready to make your dream home a reality. Our main staff, which has a strong expertise in interior fitout contracting, places us among the best interior fitout contractors in Saudi Arabia. Modern Technology has considerable expertise in providing turnkey interior design and fit-out initiatives across Saudi Arabia, spanning office fit-outs, lodging facilities, residences, and customized furnishings. We value excellence and prompt completion in all of our projects. We offer our top-quality fit-out solutions as well as a comprehensive arrangement of related services to help clients transform their space into an inspiring working environment.

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    Why Choose Wafaiyah ?

    We offer the highest-quality office fit-out services. Whichever your needs are, whether you’re looking to construct a new office space or modify and improve a previous space, we will transform your business environment into an innovative one using the best interior design services. We have experienced interior designers who manage these projects. Our experts in quantity surveying recommend cost-effective solutions and options that are affordable. We’re blessed with a staff of technicians, architects, interior designers, and skilled workers who make possible our work. We implement sustainable measures when carrying out our fit-out work. We undertake carefully to accomplish the task exactly to our client’s demands, on schedule, and under budget. If you are seeking an office fit-out solution, speak with us.


    Office Fit-Out Services

    Our office fit-out services cover all aspects of interior design and space improvement. We provide the best interior design services and office fit solutions for organizations and complexes. There are various types of fit-out options, such as merging interior décor components and graphic themes with modern furniture and installing smart technology. It additionally involves painting, partitioning, and creating multiple units for accommodating various workers and office staff.

    Plan and Design Interior

    It refers to the initial phase, which entails assessing and designing the supporting structure that a place requires. At this point, the engineer and interior designer determine the cost and recommend furnishings for décor and interior layout. It applies to the fundamental framework, furnishings, and furniture of spaces. During this phase, the decorating architect focuses on finishing touches based on the client's specifications. It may comprise flooring, the installation process, air conditioning, firefighting systems, and the incorporation of exterior decor components as well as interior outfitting or painting.

    Maintenance Contracting

    We offer all kinds of maintenance work on a contract basis. It includes commercial and residential building maintenance work and renovation work in offices. We provide professional MEP and HVAC system inspection and maintenance work for better performance and standards. It includes the installation process and repair services. House repairs and building repairs are part of our maintenance work. You can totally rely on us for renovation and maintenance work support for all kinds of buildings.

    Retail Fit-Out Services

    We help you remodel your retail spaces into appealing places to attract more customers. We do it with customized interior design efforts and joinery work. Beskope woodwork, unique furnishings, and amazing branding details all make your retail establishment a worthwhile place with increased footfall and sales. Fit-out solutions are a must-have to beat competitors and excel in marketing. Go ahead with modern solutions to reshape your storage with super-class interior work. We also provide brand-specific designs and brand merchandising services.

    Commercial Fit-Out Services

    We transform your commercial spaces into modernized units with partitions, decor, graphics, and interior design elements. We make the space a functional workspace through corporate interiors and technology integration. Branded decorating elements and modern furnishings add a fabulous touch to your commercial spaces. We modify them with smart appliance additions and unique ideas.

    Residential Fit-Out Services

    A modern, beautifully organized home is the dream of every resident. We help you fulfill this dream by providing high-quality work-fit-out solutions and interior design services. A complete interior design solution, furniture recommendations, and smart home technologies are all included in our services. We provide unique fit-out solutions to modify your living spaces in coordination with top interior designers in Saudi Arabia. We manage fit-out solutions for residential buildings and residencies.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What kind of work is included in fit-out solutions?

    Fit-out solutions offer a variety of objectives, including the installation of advanced technology devices and the combination of architectural elements and graphical setups with modern furniture. 

    What is an office fit-out?

    Office fit-out involves developing a new space’s appearance. It includes structural features within the building, such as flooring, partitions, entrances, and glass. It also covers HVAC work. All facilities, IT accessories, and electrical systems are completely installed. Interior design, including workplaces, storage facilities, office spaces, and partitions, is created entirely by highly creative work.

    How do I reach out to the best fit-out solution company in Saudi Arabia?

    The interior designers arrange for the best visual impact in a sleek, fully furnished, fully equipped space. When designing the interior, they consider both the business’s requirements and the desires of clients. The interior designer provides the interior space with the most innovative ideas and skills to create a new location with the highest degree of attractiveness.

    How do I reach out to the best fit-out solution company in Saudi Arabia?

    Wafaiyah is the best fit-out solution company in Saudi Arabia. You can hire them for all your interior design and fit-out solutions.

    What is in-office fit-out work?

    This includes every structure and element to decorate the space. Fully outfitted workplaces with desks, seats, and meeting rooms with details about design and branding. Moreover, lighting and graphics will improve the design of every interior feature or space.

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