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Wafaiyah has excellence in commercial building construction. We are a top construction company in Saudi Arabia with a large portfolio of successful commercial and industrial projects in Saudi Arabia.


If you need building design and construction services, take advantage of our project management services. We have experienced subcontractors, engineers, and architects to plan and design the best infrastructure for your commercial property. Our skilled technicians and trained workers build the buildings under the supervision of highly experienced project managers and engineers. They apply high-quality materials, supplies, and ideas to build a strong structure. We strictly follow the regulations, safety standards, and building codes. We have a complete solution for technical systems planning and building planning. We provide 3D models and elevation models to satisfy the client before the start of the work. We provide Grey Structure construction and finishing services, including all phases of a building that need to be accomplished during construction.

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    Why Choose Wafaiyah ?

    We have field experience spanning decades with a proven track record of many commercial projects in Saudi Arabia. We assure quality work and high-quality equipment and materials supplied while building. Our quality assurance team inspects the working phases and industrial standards to make the built work reliable and long-lasting. It ensures applying the methods and reinforcements as per the building codes. Our engineers apply innovative ideas and customized solutions to set building standards on a modern and energy-efficient basis. We have all legal permits, licenses, and ISO standard certification from the Saudi building authorities. Trust our expertise and experience to achieve success and the desired outcome on your commercial construction projects in Saudi Arabia. We guarantee sustainable and high-quality construction work.


    Reliable Builder and Developer

    We are really excited to create brands, pioneer new concepts, and make the premises a comfortable place to live and work. We have a long list of satisfied customers who return for more of our excellent services. Our main goal is to generate unique and productive architectural concepts that maximize the use of your building's potential. On the contrary, the durability and strength of your structure are key considerations.

    Commercial buildings

    We design and build factories, warehouses, chilling storage facilities, buildings, and other structures using pre-engineered construction elements, RCC structures, concrete or gray structures, or unique designs. Contact us if you need design and build services for every kind of commercial structure, such as offices, luxury hotels, community centers, and hospitals.

    Industrial and Institutional buildings

    We offer building and development services for industrial and educational institutions in Saudi Arabia. We have experience handling government building construction services, including all phases of building and development. Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing units are included in our construction projects. In universities and educational institutions, construction services are also an expertise of our professional journey.

    Hospitality and Entertainment Venues

    We are experts in designing and building luxury hotels to add glamour and class to the hospitality sector in Saudi Arabia. We have worked at top-class restaurants and hotels in Saudi Arabia. We also offer construction project management and development services for entertainment venues. Big shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, and amusement venues are some of our areas of expertise in construction services.

    Construction Management at Office Complexes

    We offer construction management services at office complexes and commercial towers. Building and developing a commercial high-rise is a challenging endeavor in the construction industry. We have experienced project managers, builders, and engineers to tackle these intricate construction projects in Saudi Arabia with your Excellency. We not only build corporate office buildings but also develop them while adhering to industry standards and local compliance. You will not find an option better than us in Saudi Arabia to build an office building with amazing architecture.

    Mixed-Use Development

    We perform multiple functions in mixed-use development projects. It includes construction development and infrastructural works. Our development projects have residential, commercial, retail, and recreational spaces. We provide a thorough feasibility study and plan with sustainable structures and designs to develop. We obtain mandatory and required regulatory approval for building objectives and work collaboratively with our clients to fulfill their demands.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are our commercial construction services?

    We handle all kinds of commercial construction projects in Saudi Arabia, including shopping centers, office buildings, commercial towers, factories, and warehouses.

    What kind of construction services do we offer?

    We offer all kinds of construction services, like plan and design, building and development, gray structure and finishing, and precast construction services.

    Why choose Wafaiyah for construction projects in Saudi Arabia?

    Choose Wafaiyah Contracting for Commercial Building Construction Services in KSA and benefit from exceptional expertise.

    How do we handle your project as a whole?

    Our project managers provide a detailed consultation on the required work and suggest ideas according to the client’s demands. They manage all interior and exterior work.

    What is our expertise in the construction of the construction of commercial buildings?

    • Office complexes
    • Shopping malls
    • Universities and educational institutions
    • Healthcare centers and hospitals
    • Warehouses
    • Data centres
    • Restaurants and cafes
    • Government buildings
    • Banks and entertainment venues
    • Residencies and high-rise buildings
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