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Renovation And Maintenance Contractor In Riyadh

Whenever you construct a home, it is not a fact that it will remain the way it is forever. Anything constructed for the first time requires periodic maintenance and improvements. Maintenance is planned and performed to ensure that the building constructed has everything perfect as it was during the construction. Often, a building involves complexities in innovation, design, and construction that require a good maintenance service. Hence, professional maintenance is performed that gives valuable results.

The next important thing to consider for a constructed building is renovation. Renovation is directed to improve the current outlook of any space or any building overall to change the outlook. This may involve revamping the interior look of a building or space by adding new items and altering the design to improve the outlook. A common example of this is the addition of new lights, floorings, and ceilings to a building that provide a new look for the building than the ordinary setting it possessed during initial construction.

In Saudi Arabia and cities like Riyadh, this is a rising trend of working with renovators and maintainers to improve buildings, and contractors like Wafaiyah have high importance.


Buildings such as homes might not require a thorough maintenance service over time or until a defect comes forward. However, in the case of high-scale buildings such as commercial buildings like commercial shopping malls, periodic maintenance is of high importance. This is because most such buildings involve complex engineering principles both in construction and in the outlook such as HVAC installation. When such a system is installed, it is necessary to keep them maintained to gain positive results for which they are installed such as energy efficiency and energy consumption.

Moreover, a well-constructed building also involves complex wiring systems through power distribution that spans especially over multiple stories. Hence, maintenance is a genuine requirement in such spaces. Considering this necessity, maintenance is planned and performed by professional contractors. Generally, the more complex a building is, the initial contractors are bound by the contracts to conduct maintenance services over a set period for a set duration. This leads to a building maintaining its natural state as it was opened for the public or residence.


Renovation services are always in demand since they are always performed to improve the current state or outlook of a building. A building is never supposed to remain the same throughout years to come, especially from the inside. Renovation services mostly involve improving the inside of a building including various factors such as lighting, furniture, decoration, paint, floorings, ceilings, etc. All such additions are set to be renewed over time since new designs and technologies require modernism. And building owners are always in a hurry to bring a new change into their spaces.

Most renovation services are performed in both commercial and residential buildings but the scale of a renovation project is different. For a commercial building, a renovation project is almost a complete revamp of the outlook that involves huge funds and designs alongside approvals that itself is a project nonetheless. As in the case of a house, the renovation is not as complex but still requires some sort of paperwork as planning. When all such planning combines, it results in a fine work of revamping the inside or the outside of a building that shows that renovation work is done.

Combined, a maintenance and renovation service feels good to be discussed and provides a clear picture of the entire work. Consider you wish to renovate a building and also want the existing structure to undergo periodic maintenance so everything remains in perfect shape and harmony. For this, you will need to hire contractors who will perform both the maintenance and renovation services to bring a new change and to ensure the existing services remain afresh.

So here’s what you can expect within a maintenance and renovation service. Also, it is imperative to note that the nature of the services remains the same for both the commercial and residential buildings however the primary difference lies in the scale of the services.


The first service in this category is one of the most important services both in the case of maintenance and renovation. A decoration service is important since it involves revamping the inside of a building by providing new designs and items that signify the new idea to be incorporated. Every decoration service is directed at improving the atmosphere of building. Be it a new item to the walls or a set of new lights added to space, everything personifies what you need to bring as a change into the building. And with planned activity, there is nothing better than a finely decorated building.


Plastering service is another useful service that lies in the maintenance alongside renovation service. In general, plastering is simply adding plaster of Paris or any other plastering agent to fill gaps, spaces, and pores that are unwanted and are later to be covered either with paints, wallpapers, or ceilings. Mostly, some spots such as holes and cavities are left over or emerge on walls. A common example is shifting any attachment from one wall to the other which leaves behind a cavity of nails. 

Bathroom Fitting

The most in-demand service type required in almost all buildings as a must is bathroom fitting. This can be considered a maintenance as well as renovation service. Bathroom fitting involves the installation of bathroom items such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shower cabins, etc. In essence, it can also involve fitting and installing cabinets and cupboards in the bathroom to ensure a fully equipped space. In essence, whenever a bathroom is to be revamped or needs to be shifted, the entire installation is to be removed and new items are to be placed. 


Buildings do need some kind of flooring to walk on. You cannot have a concrete surface and call it flooring. Floorings are generally of diverse types and are installed based on either the theme of the building or what suits best. When it comes to flooring, wooden flooring types have vast importance and resemblance. Often, you will find some administrative spaces having wooden flooring to signify the area. In other areas for the general public and residents, tiles and marbles find usage. All in all, a flooring service needs maintenance over time and in some cases a complete revamp from the original.


A renovation idea can go beyond mere decoration and painting stuff. It can involve a completely new addition to your ordinary or original space. Extensions refer to extending or revamping your smaller spaces, utilizing the same basic area but increasing the to-be-used space. You might have seen homes with different small portions over a single base. This is a prime example of extensions. Extensions are also preferred to ensure you do not increase the base space to accommodate. With extensions, it is like you incorporate an existing space into something bigger.

Kitchen Fitting

Solely directed where cooking is to be performed, a kitchen fitting activity is mostly a renovation service rather than a maintenance service. Kitchens are a commodity in homes and commercial spaces such as restaurants and food outlets both inside and outside a food court. Hence, with kitchens around these places, kitchen equipment fitting is a service that comes into practice here. This can involve the installation of various items such as stoves, chimneys, fridges, microwaves, and even cabinets. 

A productive renovation and maintenance service involves working with professionals. When you decide on any of the renovation and maintenance services, it is better or ideal to select the right contractor. Professional contractors have diverse experience and expertise to combat any situation and provide the best solution and feasibility for you. This includes helping you in the renovation process and ensuring adequate maintenance is planned and performed for your structure and components. So here’s a list of benefits you gain when working with a professional.

Refreshed Design

When it comes to renovation, you need a refreshing design that will look like a sublime transformation of your building. For this, you will need your contractor to bring a set of smart tools such as 3D models and renders to give you an idea of what to expect as a final picture of your newly renovated space. This is one of the best benefits you will receive from a professional contractor and something that you must look out for in a contractor.

Avoid Additional Costs

You can garnish from a repair service is to avoid spending to add a new item when one is damaged. There are different categories to consider what a damaged intensity is. Often, a damaged item needs replacement whereas in some cases, repairing work can be performed resulting in avoidance of new purchasing and installation. A repairing service is one of the branches of maintenance that involves periodic repairing of anything to avoid big issues. 

Preserving Maintenance

Apart from revamping a space, another key aspect is to preserve the good work that was offered at the time of initial construction. For example, you may have installed expensive marble flooring in your building that requires a standard maintenance service. For this, you need to be in constant contact with your original contractor or any other new contractor to provide you with periodic maintenance services. This is because expensive marbles have rising costs attached to them with each passing year. And you cannot afford to spend a fortune installing new marble floorings each year.


Renovation and maintenance services are always in demand and you will need professional contractors such as Wafaiyah. Wafaiyah is a profound renovation and maintenance contractor working in Saudi Arabia and if you are living in Saudi Arabia, you may need to look out for their valuable services as located above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a renovation service?

A renovation service is a service that involves improving the outlook of a space with new designs.

When a renovation service is mostly performed?

A renovation service is mostly performed when an existing design or display is to be changed or a new design is to be installed.

What is a maintenance service?

Maintenance services include periodic checking and rectifying of various components of space to prevent future errors and damages.

When a maintenance service is performed?

Depending upon the installed item to undergo maintenance, there is not a fixed time for all items to undergo maintenance.

Who performed maintenance and renovation services?

A professional maintenance and renovation contractor is hired to perform these activities.

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